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Dialogistik Ukraina

Dialogistik UkraineThe Company Dialogistik Ukraine is a company-boutique with its traditions and values, and if you want to avoid stereotypes and even look for an exclusive approach to your business, welcome to be our client! The Company Dialogistik Ukraine was created in March of 2010. We are known at the market of international and local transportations as a reliable partner not only for our customers, but also for our different suppliers. 

Dialogistik Ukraine has joined the project of the Chinese company Asia Line for the delivery of goods for medium-sized businesses from China to Ukraine. Within the framework of the project, there are 4 warehouses in China for cargo reception, consolidation, customs clearance and delivery to Ukraine. Warehouses are located in the cities of Guangzhou, Beijing, Foshan and Yiwu. The service is provided by a Chinese company. Dialogistik Ukraine conducts freight forwarding in Ukraine, provides a communication part.


Warehouse Guangzhou-AIR

广州 市 荔湾 区 西 湾 路 141 号 富 奎 611 号 0033 库房 王卫东 +8613160888460 (Chinese language) 

Warehouse Guangzhou-SHIP

广州 市 荔湾 区 西 湾 路 141 号 财富 天地 对面 (二 轻 供销 仓库 501 号) +8618702073033 (Chinese) 

Contact person of Guangzhou (Russian and English), China: Bogdan +8613068888297. To confirm the shipment, you will receive a packing list and an invoice (link to the goods).

  • Air delivery from China: cost from 5.8 dollars per kg of crediting weight (international air standard 167 kg per 1 cubic meter) term: 12-14 days;
  • Sea shipping from China: from $ 350 (cargo density affects the cost, in a cube of 250-300 kg), the delivery time is 45-60 days;
  • Express delivery from China: 3-4 days, weight of departure 45-47 kg, cost $ 13, significant requirements for the class of explosivity and the cost of departure;
  • Delivery rates from China: the above tariffs include the cost of all sufficient transport and customs procedures;
  • Additionally: consolidation, packaging, verification, photo report, contact with the manufacturer, industrial tour, partner reliability check, importer or exporter service, customs broker in China;
  • To indicate always in your order: your company code, name, phone, shipping address in Ukraine.

Contacts in Kiev: +38 (066) 509 60 61, +38 (068) 485 92 26, +38 (063) 488 43 22. 

E-mail: interimanager@gmail.com   Skype: interimanager

The Dialogistik Ukraine Company is aimed at a dialog with partners in logistics for mutual development and prosperity.

  • Customs services

    The Dialogistik Ukraine Company provides with customs clearance services in Kiev and Kiev region for export/import operations.

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  • Air transportation

    The Dialogistik Ukraine Company provides with air freight services. We have the successful experience in delivery of different goods from Japan, France, Kyrgyzstan, The USA, Italy.

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  • Sea freight transportation

    The Company Dialogistik Ukraine provides with sea container transportations. We have an exrerience in sea transportaions from such countries as China, The USA, Canada, Argentine, Chili, Spain, Greece.

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  • Our partners

    Dear guests, there's the page where you can find our partners we have the honour to cooperate with

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  • Road transport

    The Dialogistik Ukraine Company provides with international and domestic road transportation services. We have a great experience in road transportations between Europe and CIS countries.

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  • Merchandise  insurance

    The Dialogistik Ukraine Company proposes an additional service of merchandise  insurance of "all risks". What is the difference between the insurance of "all risks" and standard CMR-insurance that the majority of international carriers have?

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