Air transportation

Passenger air transportationThroughout human history the sky and the ability to fly attracted people. The myth of Icarus, tales of flying carpets and other fabulous aircrafts such as Baba Yaga’s mortar or broom are the evidence of the unquenchable human desire to conquer the airspace. Unfortunately, until the end of the 18th century the desire seemed to be only a piece of  science fiction. Everything changed in 1783 when brothers Montgolfier managed to create the first balloon. A year later, in 1784, Jean-Pierre Blanchard created the first dirigible with an airscrew, and it allowed him to cross the English Channel. It opened the great era - the era of airfreight. In 1903 brothers Wright created the first fully controlled aircraft – a plane. Aircraft industry began to develop so rapidly that even after only a decade - during the First World War - the planes were used for reconnaissance and air attacks of enemy positions. Then a motorized dirigible was invented in the early 20th century. The most famous of them is ‘The Graf Zeppelin’ and, although the era of dirigibles has been left behind and displaced by rapid aircrafts development, mankind is not fully abandoned dirigibles, and they are still used in some countries.

Cargo air transportation
An American plane Douglas DC-3 built in 1935 was the first aircraft which started performing commercial passenger and cargo air transportation. Today cargo air transportation is quite popular because it allows to deliver the goods even to the most isolated parts of the earth and as quickly as possible. The main disadvantages of this way of cargo transportation are the relatively high cost and the small capacity of aircrafts.

Air shipment
Air shipment  transported by means of air transport as a rule is not heavy but compact.  It may be food, hazardous and non-hazardous chemicals, devices, medicines, and others. Of course, all of these goods could be transported only in small batches. Air shipment can be transported both by an airfreighter and an airliner.

Air delivery
To organize an air delivery carefully it is essential to know the exact parameters of the goods (their length, width, height, weight, quantity). When an actual gross weight of goods is declared for automobile transportation, it should be a volumetric weight which does not always correspond to their actual one for air shipping. Please note that an air delivery is not only a flight of an aircraft itself, but also a lot of different procedures which goods must pass before and after a flight  before they are delivered to a final recipient. An air delivery transit time also depends on possible transit airports capacities where unforeseen delays may occur.

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