Cargo transportation in Ukraine

Алкогольные грузы

Trucking industry within a country is a very important segment of the economy of any state. The geographical location, climate, mineral resources, professional and quantitative labor resources make it possible to develop any industry and agriculture. On the other hand transportation is an essential component for this development and economic management.

The domestic market of cargo transportation in Ukraine is very rich, structured, multi-pronged, flexible and competitive. Certainly like any component of the economy the transportation market is influenced by internal and external factors which directly or indirectly make correctives in its operation. Inaccessibility of bank instruments, war and occupation of some areas of the country negatively affects on supply and demand in this segment. But whatsoever the market is always in motion and it tends to further development.
On the domestic transportation market these types of vehicles are involved:
1) Tents (1.5 t / 15m3 / - 22t / 120m3 /). The most popular and procurable multi-purpose vehicles. They form the largest volume on the market.
2) Refrigerators and isotherms (1.5 t / 15m3 / - 22t / 86m3 /). The vehicles with temperature control and those which keep it. Mainly used for food (perishables) carriage.
3) Special vehicles. The vehicles for special purposes used in a narrow segment of the market for some kind of work and services.

Loads in Ukraine

There are a huge number of large enterprises on the territory of Ukraine formed  the foundation of the whole economy of the country. Mainly they are located in the eastern and central regions. But the products they manufacture are in great demand in other regions, furthermore their range is very wide, so the products can be used in various industries through the country.
Northern, western and southern regions are focused on agriculture, and they have access to the sea, but their production is also in demand through the country and delivered to different parts of the country. No doubt the production volume of large factories and enterprises has a stable year-round, the production volumes fluctuate within a small range and depend only on demand, so any special requirements for transportation are not made.  As for agricultural products their volume of production varies seasonally, besides they require specially equipped transport for carriage.
Goods transported through the territory of Ukraine are divided into the following categories:
- Raw materials and equipment for metallurgical and coal industries,
- Finished products of metallurgical and coal industries,
- Building and finishing materials,
- Food products and their components,
- Chemical products,
- Special purpose products.