Carriage of alcoholic beverages

Алкогольные грузы

We reasonably consider the carriage of alcoholic beverages our specialism and even forte!
The peculiarity of alcohol carriage is that another extremely important document must be supplemented to a standard set of shipping documents, and the transportation is impossible without the document – that is Alcohol declaration. As a rule, it is issued directly by a consignor. Later, when an export operation is issued in an exporting county, Alcohol  declaration should be "closed" and returned to a consignor, and the goods should be transported with a standard set of shipping documents. That is a step where different kinds of hitch may arise, for example: not all customs offices in Europe have the right to "close" alcohol declarations, and sometimes you have to ring up several offices to find the office
entitled; not all drivers can visually recognize alcohol declaration and leave an exporting country practically without export clearance taking Alcohol declaration for Export declaration. You should also remember that TIR procedure (TIR Carnet) can’t apply to carriage of strong (above 40 degrees) drinks.
The Dialogistik Ukraine Company is wealthy experienced in carriage of alcohol beverages (both soft and strong drinks) from around the world. From the very beginning of our activities in the international carriage market we cooperate with many large importers of alcohol carrying their products in different ways: by sea containers; by a convoy of several trucks (up to 15 places of loading places in one country); under the specific temperature conditions and without them; gathering goods across Europe and consolidating them in our partners’ warehouses, etc. It should be noted that carriage of alcohol always entails some risks because this sort of goods is the most popular and easily realized goods in the world market, respectively, it is the most prone to theft. Therefore, we choose carriers for alcohol transportation with great care entrusting it to those carriers who have CMR-insurance with a liability limit of at least 500 000 euro.
So we’ll deliver your alcoholic beverages with great pleasure and legerity!