Groupage (consolidated) shipment

Алкогольные грузыConsolidated shipment is a carriage of different clients’ goods by small and even trial lots to the same direction by the same vehicle. The lots are measured as in a piece units (boxes, barrels, etc.), and in pallets.
When we calculate the cost of delivery in the groupage shipment the main parameter is the number of linear meters (meters on the board) which particular goods occupy. When you order a transportation in the groupage shipment it is very important to know whether it is possible to stack pallets, because if it is possible you can save on transportation. We should always remember that the carriage in the groupage shipment is always more expensive, because the carrier "retails" the linear meters in the vehicle.
What should you know about the goods when order their carriage in the groupage shipment?
- The exact size, the quantity, the weight;
- Whether it can be stacked;
- The customs terminal in the place of destination;
It’s important to clarify the addresses of the customs terminals because of "a rule of four customs" (one customs office in the place of departure and three customs terminals in the place of destination). It does not mean that only three different cargoes may be in the consolidated carriage, but if there are more than three cargoes it should be not more than three customs terminals in the place of destination, and the total number of customs terminals including the customs terminal in the place of departure  should be not more than four. The delivery of goods in the consolidated shipment is executed only to the customs terminal, and all the consignees should be informed that the goods must be overloaded onto another vehicle promptly after the customs clearance. Only the goods of the last consignee can be delivered "to the door."
What is the difference between groupage and consolidated shipment?
The groupage carriage is executed by the same vehicle which “collects” goods from different shippers in different countries. When the carriage is consolidated the goods can be transported from some countries by small lorries to any warehouse in any European country where they form groups of goods for shipping them to a country of destination. The disadvantages of groupage and consolidated shipments are  the longer time of delivery, more than 10 days, and the risk of unforeseen delays. The more shippers and receivers of the goods the greater risk of delays will be, and more delays may arise in the consolidation warehouse in the formation of the group, especially if some goods need repackaging, labeling or other warehouse operations.
The Dialogistik Ukraine Company is greatly experienced in groupage and consolidated carriage and have opportunity to consolidate goods in our partners’ warehouses in Poland (Warsaw), Germany (Magdeburg), Belgium (Meer), Italy (Monrupino), Romania (Ploiesti), France (Paris, Strasbourg), Hungary (Budapest), Russia (Belgorod).