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Road transportToday one of the most common ways of delivery is an road transportation. Acceptable transit time, high flexibility, minimum handling loads during the transportations, as well as a greater risk coverage make a brief list of the undeniable advantages of autotransportation (compare: according to the CMR Convention, a compensation for loss cargo for a road transportation is calculated at the rate of 8,33 SDR (about 12 US dollars) per 1 kg gross, and for sea freight at 2-2,5 SDR). Road transport can rightly be considered the most "favorite" among customers.The first trucks were designed for different purposes. Someone wanted to indulge governors, for example, Ferdinand Verbiest created a toy truck for a head of the Qing Dynasty in 1672, China. Its length was only 65 cm, but it was one of the earliest ancestors of modern trucks. Someone designed special models for military purposes, for example to transport heavy artillery. They dispute a lot about who invented the first model of a moving cargo vehicle. Yet the palm is given to Nicolas-Joseph Cugnot. French mechanical engineer who served in an army for 20 years received an official order from the French Minister of War in 1764 to create a steam tractor for the needs of artillery. And already in 1769 he demonstrated his model of truck in Paris. Water in a cauldron heated by the fire divorced on the ground. Then steam rose and powered a drive mechanism. This model functioned only 12 minutes. In 1828 another French artificer Onesiphorus Pique receives a patent for his invention "Steam cart for use on a road." The cart had a differential with a bevel gear and a steering mechanism. Later, in 1891, Gottlieb Daimler and Wilhelm Maybach joined their efforts and tried to create a motorized cart with the same purpose - to carry loads. And only in 5 years Daimler presents its first truck.Today you can hardly overestimate the importance of road transport, and road transportations worthily constitute a substantial part of the total traffic in the world.  Our company Dialogistik Ukraine will be happy to organize autotransportation for your shipment. Order our service "Road transport", and you will receive:

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For several years, successfully cooperating with the logistic company "Dialogistik Ukraine" in the field of services for the transport of heavy and bulky woods from Europe to the CIS countries. During our cooperation with"Dialogistik Ukraine" proved to be a highly professional company with qualified personnel  promptly and efficiently solve tasks, able to find a way out of unusual situations. Our company looks forward to further cooperation with the company "Dialogistik Ukraine" for mutually beneficial cooperation.

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