Training course for logistics

Dear Visitor!
Тренер по логистике Диана Пилоян     We are glad to greet you on the Dialogistik Ukraina website!
  Our company has gathered not just professionals in the field of logistics but the people who madly in love with their work, and we are ready to share a particle of that love with you.
    In these latter days you can find a stream of information about logistics from different sources such as textbooks, literature, Internet, etc.  How not to be at a lose among this diversity of terms, regulations, conventions and understand how to build so called ‘a logistics chain’? Thanks to its vast experience our company assembled the crumbs of valuable material and wants to share them with You. We hope that You will be pleasantly surprised by the presentation of the material in simple and accessible form with a lot of examples from our personal experience, which will help to understand on what kind of ’pillars’ the process of logistics is based. We will tell you about those nuances which are not studied in transport universities!
    If you ask why we are better than other similar courses we’ll answer: You will not just listen to the course but also will write the test, and if it is successful you will be recommended to our partners for employment.

       So we invite you to visit our training course for transport logistics! ‘    
Sincerely yours,
            Diana Piloyan

Fairy logistics or 50 days in the life of forwarding agent

       As a nice extra we offer you a book written by Diana Piloyan, the author of the training course. The book name speaks for itself – ‘Fairy logistics or 50 days in the life of forwarding agent.’

       This book describes the brightest events in the life of a freight forwarder, all the troubles he encounters in his hard work as a middleman. You'll laugh and cry empathizing the main character, and perhaps you’ll see yourself in him. Although the book is written in the form of a fairy tale, you probably face its heroes in your real life. Well, who does not know such a type of a customer as ‘A Naughty Princess’?
     The special value of the book is a multitude of useful advices for beginners, and not only beginners in logistics. And the advices are not only professional but also practical and everyday.

Сказочная логистика или 50 дней из жизни экспедитора

You can buy the book ordering it on the site or calling 044 364 30 34.
The price of the book in Kiev is 100 hrv., for readers in other cities is 150 hrv. including the delivery by Nova Poshta.

ATTENTION! For all students of our training course we offer a discount of 30% if purchasing the book.