Transportation of heavy and bulky goods

Алкогольные грузы

One of specializations of The Dialogistik Ukraine Company is the transportations of heavy and bulky goods. Any transportation of oversized goods is unique and interesting especially if these goods are the part of a big object, for example, of a factory.

The transportation of any oversize goods requires the knowledge of many niceties, special skills of the driver as the direct executor of the transportation, also the responsibility of all participants of this process. Perhaps the word “most” is well suitable for heavy and bulky transportations, because they are:
1. Most big (by their dimensions)
2. Most difficult (by their execution)
3. Most expensive (by the price)
4. Most slow (by their speed)
We’ll consider in turns these four characteristics:
- What are the oversize goods? The goods that cannot be loaded in closed standard vehicle (13,6m х 2,5m х 3,0m х 24t) are considered as oversize, even if one of these parameters exceeds standard. In Ukraine all goods that have in width 2,6 m, in height 4,0 m (from ground), in length 22,0 m and in weight 40 t (including the weight of vehicle) are considered as bulky and heavy goods.
- What are the difficulties of the heavy and bulky transportation? There is a long-term preparatory work to do before the realization of transportation (from 1 week to 1-2 months): to make the route taking into consideration the state of the pavement, the height and the bearing capacity of the bridges and highways, the presence of high-voltage transmission lines etc.; to accord the route with local authorities of transit countries; to buy the special permissions and to pay the escort service if necessary.
- The transportation of heavy and bulky goods is the most expensive if compare it with another types of road transportations. It caused by the high value of special vehicles that can do these transportations and their service, also by the price of special permissions and escort services. These vehicles have often empty run to be loaded, that’s why their price is calculated as for a round trip. By the way, the special permissions have an expiry date, so if the loading is delayed and the term of the permissions is already expired, you have to order other ones and pay additional cost. If the loading is annulated, all the expenses for the permissions and escort services will not return.
- As usually, the vehicles with heavy and bulky goods on the board move in night time, when the traffic is minimal, firstly for do not holdups other transport, as the speed of the heavy and bulky transport is low, secondly for the raisons of safety.